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MAD taco
Not your ordinary "taco shop"

Mad Taco creates Legendary Tacos and Margaritas and a dining experience, not just a way to fill a belly or quench a thirst.

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Point of Sale desktop application

Point of Sale Administrative website application

Website & Online Ordering website application

Mobile application (iOS & Android)

Integrations (USAePay, elo POS terminals, EPSON printers)

Amazon Web Services (EC2, SNS, S3, SES)

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MAD taco is the best taco restaurant located in College Station, Texas. We partnered with them in to build a variety of applications to give their customers a fully integrated online and in-store shopping experience.

As they began expanding to their second store, we looked the cost of implementing their current point of sales system at their new location and integrating it with their website to offer online ordering. We found too many limitations so we decided to build all of the needed components to create a fully integrated system.

Customers arriving in their restaurant are serviced through a custom built point of sale system. Online orders are processed through their website and delivered immediately to the restaurant location so that customers can efficiently pick up their orders to-go or dine in with their food already prepared. MAD taco can also post deals through the mobile app that can be redeemed in the store or online. The mobile app also gives MAD taco the ability to use mobile messaging and notifications to reach their customers.

The entire set of applications run in the AWS cloud allowing their staff to operate their stores without any on-premises servers, software or databases.

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