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Press Sports

Modern web app built for the number one sports social media platform

Press Sports is the number one social media app for athletes at all levels to connect and share highlights with other athletes and coaches. Press Sports needed a web version of their mobile app to display their user profiles. We used the modern framework React to bring their app to the web.

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We built a a modern web application for Press Sports using the React framework. This web application displays the users profiles and posts with carefully researched and integrated SEO tactics.

  • Component Based React application
  • SEO friendly profile and post pages
  • Modern Design
  • React
  • JSX
  • SCSS
  • HTML
  • Typesense
  • Google Firebase

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Vibility is a organization that focuses on improving the health and quality of life of its customers. Vibility needed a custom web application that could host a multitude of health programs and that could allow private practitioners to enlist their patients into customized health programs. After gathering the data on what Vibility wanted to achieve, we created a completely custom web application that delivered exactly what they wanted. 

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SiCoustics is a sound and PA company that specializes in using portable speakers that turn any space into the perfect venue to play your soundtracks and messages.SiCoustics wanted to redesign their website to refocus their message and to show on first visit what their services are.By using their existing technologies, we redesigned the site from the ground up to bring a fresh new perspective on this revolutionary company.

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Tejas American General Agency

Tejas American General Agency (TAGA) is wholesale insurance agency providing commercial and personal insurance products to independent agents throughout the state of Texas. TAGA uses AIM by Vertafore to manage their agency, OnBase by Hyland Software to manage their documents and workflow, and ePayPolicy to handle online payments.TAGA wanted to streamline their communication with the retail agents to provide better service and automate several internal processes.By blending their technologies with our cloud based computing, we provided a portal that streamlines and automates their workflow.

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