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EXCEL - Have High Standards, Think Big

Chris Taylor, January 24, 2022

I recently attended a concert in Austin, Texas with my two sons. The three of us love music and it was a great chance to spend some quality time together. After the first few songs I asked my son, “is it just me, or is everyone else having a ‘moment’ too?” I was stunned by the performance that was being put on. It was one of those rare moments, at least for me, where I was simply blown away by the talent and artistry of the band.

I’ve had this type of experience in a variety of situations, at a restaurant, watching a movie, on a hunting trip, in a church service, and even getting a washing machine repaired. I’ve thought a lot about what causes everything to come together perfectly in these situations. I'm sure that you've had similar experiences in your life and wondered why.

I believe that one of the primary reasons why we have these moments is because of excellence. Sure, there are probably a variety of things that some together but one of the common elements is that the person or group of people that are involved excel at what they do. And, when someone is really good at something, we can’t miss it.

At Tack Systems, we want to be individually and collectively people that excel at what we do. We want to create “moments” like this for our customers. This is why we’ve made EXCEL one of our core values. We want to be individuals that have the expertise to get the job done and the execution to make it come together perfectly.

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